This blog is written by Martin Waller, a primary school teacher and educational researcher based in the United Kingdom.

My main teaching and research interests are founded in multiliteracies, new literacies, critical literacy and creativity in relation to the curriculum and educational change. I’m also fascinated by children’s popular culture and how this can impact on learning.

Class Teacher
Primary School Teacher and Creative Learning Coordinator

At present I work full-time as a classroom teacher in a large primary school in the North East of England. I have developed a range of context-driven projects with my classes which have been shared with colleagues across the globe. I believe that the education system should equip children with the skills necessary to successfully participate in today’s society. My teaching therefore reflects this ethos.

I have also developed the use of social media in my classroom through Twitter and the @ClassroomTweets project. This allows children to learn safe practices within online social networks as well as develop digital literacy skills within an online community of practice.

I addition to classroom teaching I also coordinate Creative Learning from Nursery to Year 6. This led to the development of the Growing Greener creative learning programme.


Working with a range of organisations

As a researcher I have worked independently with a range of organisations across the globe. My work in recent years has been via the United Kingdom Literacy Association and a Special Interest Group focused on digital literacies. In addition I have consulted on a range of projects with organisations such as Futurelab. At present I am studying for a degree in New Literacy Studies at the University of Sheffield.

My main threads of research have been based around the use of social media in schools. I have authored three pieces of research on this area – two book chapters and a journal article. More information about my current research can be found in the research area of this blog.

I have also presented my findings at a range of events across the UK including three UKLA International Conferences and the recent ESRC Seminar series,  Children’s and young people’s digital literacies in virtual online spaces. In September 2011 I travelled to the University of Tasmania in Australia to present findings from my research into social media and education. This work was featured on Australian TV News:

I have also delivered training for trainee teachers at the University of Durham and Birmingham City University.


If you would like to know more about my work then I can be contacted through:

Email: martinwaller [at] multiliteracies . co . uk

Twitter: @MultiMartin and @MisterWaller

More information can be found on my LinkedIn page.

My current workplace is:

Holy Trinity Rosehill C.E. (VA) Primary School

I appear across the web mostly through the avatar of MultiMartin. The name embodies my interest in anything relating to multimedia, multiliteracies and multimodality.

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